Belle Chapelle was created by Nickling St.Fleur-Rrustemaj after she realized that options of demure dresses made for young women were hard to find in stores. img_0566Nickling’s appreciation for modest dress began at a young age as her parents taught her the importance of dressing appropriately to attend church and other various settings like stores or traveling abroad.  Only two decades ago most individuals were more cautious in placing different levels of value on clothing based on the setting. However, that has gradually become less important since in current events many have witness people wearing pajamas and lingerie in public.  Nickling believes that major clothing manufacturers offer few options which are young, attractive, and modest. She believes if such options were there many would embrace modest wear.

Nickling attained her fashion education at American Intercontinental University where she acquired skills in garment construction, fashion editorial photography, pattern making, trend forecasting, and fashion business practices just to name a few. She has help organized, designed and participated in several fashion shows. She has directed and created inspirations for photo-shoots, real and still-life. Her appreciation for fashion has crossed boarders as she studied and interned in fashion hubs such as London England, Tokyo Japan, New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

Nickling recently completed her studies with an M.A. in Communication at Andrews University. Her Communication studies with the help of the Interdisciplinary option allowed her to conduct a production in fashion communication and how it relates to the way young women dress to church. Belle Chapelle designs follows three principles 1) Shoulder are always covered with at least a cap sleeve, 2) Cleavage is never exposed and 3) skirt hems will always reach below the knees.

Nickling is married to her husband Ben and they have a lovely 2-year-old daughter nicknamed, “Princess Muffin Butt”.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Belle!

    My name is Kate Terry, Curation Specialist for RAW: natural born artists. RAW is an organization that was founded by artists, for artists and we are dedicated to finding new talent within the first 10 years of their career and showcasing them in our quarterly art shows. Our RAW showcases exhibit 60-70 local artists per show and has an average audience attendance of about 600-800 people.
    I came across your collection as I was looking through Etsy. Your work caught my eye because it’s elegant, modern, and sophisticated.
    I’m excited I found your site and we would love to speak with you further about participating in our upcoming showcase in San Francisco on January 11 on Folsom St. Are you available to chat this Thursday (11/17) at 11:00am?
    If so, please let me know the best number to reach you and we’ll give you a call then. In the mean time, feel free to check out our website: http://www.rawartists.org/ and here is a short video showing a little about what we do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sgRy19RiDI
    Thanks and have a great day!

    Kate Terry
    Curation Specialist
    RAW: natural born artists

  2. Hi Nickie! I see it has been a year since I wished you well. I continue to wish you well! I hope you experience well-deserved success!

  3. Hello ☺,
    I have been having a hard time finding stylish yet modest clothes, mainly dresses. I have gone shopping multiple times and looked a lot online and have not had much luck. I would love to hear back from you on your finding as I really enjoy following your style on Instagram! Hope you have a wonderful evening! Sincerely, Shannon Lord

  4. Hello,

    I love what your blog represents, elegance and modesty. I am a business owner of an online boutique in Las Vegas called TiffanysTaste. I just wanted to grow my network and reach out to other businesses/bloggers that represent modesty in fashion, I think it’s an amazing thing to promote modesty in today’s culture, and in fashion. You can visit my site as well if you’d like @ http://www.tiffanystaste.com

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am uncomfortable seeing people wearing play clothes and beach wear in inappropriate places. I am uncomfortable seeing the (beautiful, yes; God-created, yes; private, surely yes!!) unclothed human body. Please succeed in your endeavor to create beautiful, modest, appropriate clothing!

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