Top It Off

A while back I was amazed when I stumbled upon some of the most beautiful hats that many would only expect to see in the movies. The lovely hats are designed by milliner Marcia Lacher who personally hand designs them.

Marcia’s designs are so classy that they are the perfect complement to even todays trending fashion, these designs are here to stay.



Each created are constructed according to its chosen form on special blocks that steams the desired look into shape. Such as cloche hats are made on a cloche blocks and fedora hats are made on a fedora blocks. You can visit this link THE MILLINERY SHOP: Blocking A Hat to see how one is made.

Marcia completed her training at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she and the Millinery Techniques Program have worked happily ever since.

To see more beautiful hats by Marcia Lacher please visit where you will also find other links.


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