Modest Summer

In the 1920’s epoch, designers were inspired by dazzling crystals, peacock and ostrich feathers. New discoveries from around the world like the hieroglyphic marked walls of tombs in Egypt and beautiful head pieces that the Queen of Sheba or Nefertiti may have worn. Yet what was most simple but dreadfully needed were comfortable manageable attires, the complete opposite of the past century. The core of my designs are to create modest designs that are trendy.

For some time I have pondered on what would be the latest trend or comeback in the fashion industry. I anticipated for the longest time that the 1920’s would be the trailblazer. As far as I could remember the 20’s attempted to reintroduce herself in 2009 but it did not take off.

I assume it was due to the detailed sequence and embellishments many of dresses had then. I suppose it would be too costly and time-consuming on the laborers and manufactures to mass produce such intricate garments.

Despite those minor setbacks there are ways to bring back loose fit, drop waist, elegantly flowing frocks without losing their assigned place in time. There definitely are ways to modify fashion of that time to flatter every woman. I have drafted out several sketches to give you an idea.


Like many people every time I think of the 20’s what first comes to mind is The Great Gatsby the movie. That film developed my first love for the fashion of that period. Other movies that did their part to encourage its return are motion pictures like Changeling, Chicago, and Rosario.

If big name designers are now more confident to promote the 20’s in their more recent lines I would say their biggest help came from the very popular British period piece drama Downton Abbey.

Even though the lifestyles of the characters are of the affluence, pieces will please the general the populace. Below are pictures displaying fashion from the programing.

Downton Abbey Wedding downton_1 downton-abbey-fs season2_world_style_01_lg

Though the1980’s seems like it was just around the corner sometimes I have to remind myself that it is last century. Inspirations for the styles worn in the 1980’s mostly came from the 20’s. History will show us drop waist, loose fit, and gathers were very welcome only 30 years ago.

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Together loose fit and drop waist has not fully returned however drop waist has reigned supreme with wedding gowns. An overwhelming amount of mermaid trumpet dress are often the desired pick for many brides today.

1986_wedding_photo_jeffelaine_finger_small 976